Wrapcut WIRE Cutting Tape – 4mm x 45m

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Wrapcut WIRE Cutting Tape – 4mm x 45m

Wrapcut WIRE 4mm x 45m cutting tape is the knife-less solution to cut and trim adhesive vinyl films for general signage and car wrapping requirements. That means no knife cuts to paintwork encouraging quality, long lasting vinyl applications.

Used to make precise trim lines through many printed vinyl and protective film products. The cutting filament is ALWAYS at the very edge of the tape, producing a perfect cut every time. First WrapCut product to utilize a metal WIRE filament, cuts the toughest films with ease. Produces impressively straight cut-lines. Conformable around irregular shapes and angles – eg ute spray linings.

Reasons why you need this product in your tool bag;

-Unlike other knife-less cutting tapes the fine, super high strength cutting filament pulls out from under the side of the high tack face pin tape. This means the pin tape is not cut in half, so only one piece is retrieved from underneath the film!

-Pulling the filament from under the side ensures neater cuts, so say goodbye to those furry edges!

-The face pin tape is also stronger than other knife-less products so it won’t break or snag behind your installed film!

– The filament is strong enough to cut through multiple layers, perfect for flush joins!

-Made in Canada!

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 105 × 105 × 15 mm

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