OLFA Heavy Duty cutter H-1 – 25mm

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OLFA Heavy Duty cutter H-1 – 25mm

Featuring a convenient screw-lock mechanism which allows you to change cutting depths quickly, while ensuring blade slip is eliminated during use. Use the knife to slice through adhesives, aluminium composite panel, plastics, light timber and heavy packaging. Knife comes with 1x 0.7mm thick heavy duty blade, thicker than standard 9mm and 18mm blades (0.5mm), to match the requirements of more demanding use.

Also great for usual utility knife purposes such as cutting through shrink wrap and packing tapes, vinyl, window film & tint, wallpaper, caulking or foam board and other materials.

Good For: Applications such as cutting aluminium composite panel, PVC and plastic panelling and other thicker packaging. Cuts tape, shrink wrap, wallpaper, film, cardboard, caulking and more.

Additional information

Weight 155 g
Dimensions 220 × 100 × 25 mm

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